Earthlyy Supplements Review

In recent years, I have become a big advocate for plant-based proteins as opposed to the more popular and commonly used, whey proteins, that are a by-product of making cheese. There are many reasons I would recommend the consumption of plant-based based...

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DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent

DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent There is nothing worse than when it is the time of year for the little pestering mosquitos to come out! You need to make sure you have some sort of protection from these bugs, this is especially true if you are...

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5 Delicious Juice Recipes

  5 Delicious Juice Recipes   We all know juicing is great for our health. Here are 5 delicious juice recipes to get you started! Make sure you always wash your ingredients well and try to buy organic where possible. If you are unsure about which type of...

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How to Lose Weight in Your Sleep

  Wouldn't it be amazing if you could lose weight in your sleep? When it comes to weight loss, we do not fall short with the quantity of material on the subject. There are thousands of great papers and studies showing us how to shed that unwanted weight, but we...

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Natural Sunscreen

Over the last couple of years, people have become more interested and concerned with what they put in and on their bodies. This is an encouraging advancement. We should constantly question how safe products are before we, and your children, use them. We should refrain...

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Intermittent Fasting

  Intermittent Fasting or IF is currently trending online and in the local gyms. Fasting has been around for millennia with each of the great religion participating in some form of fasting. However, intermittent fasting has recently become popular for its...

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The Effect Consciousness Has On Water

This video of Dr Masaru emoto flash freeze water expierment is nothing short of amazing. Many people debate the science regarding water memory. It is true it is extremely difficult to explain how this happens but the debate in my opinion is ended when you see the the...

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The Advantages Of Alkalized Water

I am certainly an advocate of alkaline water and this is due to me seeing first hand the amazing capabilities it beholds. I have rid myself of my allergies, increased my energy levels ten fold and cleared up my skin just to mention a couple of benefits. People tend to...

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