“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire” – Unknown


People often wander through life feeling like something is missing but are never able to put a finger on what it actually is. We buy nice clothes, fancy furniture, and expensive cars to see if that fills the gap, but these material possessions only give us a temporary fix. Often we cannot afford the possessions we are buying and decide to loan money in order to afford them. This is a bad path to go down and before you know it, those very possessions start to own you. You become enslaved to a debt for an item that only momentarily made you feel better. So what happens next? You start to look elsewhere. Maybe kids and a spouse will fill the void, but as wonderful as they can be, you still feel something is missing and you are clueless as to why. You think religion may be the answer, hoping God can help you but after some time, the burning emptiness creeps back in. So what is it that you are searching for?

I feel no one can be truly happy if they do not follow what their true passions. Instead of being fixated on your life’s purpose, focus on finding your passions. Often you will find that your passions are your purpose, for your life purpose is to be passionate about life. It is not mandatory to have just one passion, you can enjoy multiple loves with complete opposite characteristics. Just find what makes you tick, what you could lose yourself in for hours without even knowing that time passed.


How to Find your Purpose

There is no reason why we can’t follow our passions. We need to simply let go of what the mind thinks we need and let the heart get what the heart wants. You may not be able to quit your job and take up being a video gamer professionally at this moment, but you sure as hell can try to attain this with a goal-setting mindset and the motivation to go and achieve it. In the next chapter, I will explain techniques I have learned by industry leading experts on how to plan each day, to execute a successful and enjoyable week to reach life goals.

Unsure what you are passionate about? Take a moment and ask yourself these questions, the answer will come.

  1. What activities do you spend money on that you enjoy?
  2. What do you find yourself daydreaming about?
  3. What can you do and completely lose yourself in?
  4. What area in your life are you afraid to be judged about? This is a dare to you, it’s important.
  5. What makes you uncomfortably excited?
  6. List the top 5 people you admire.
  7. What is your ideal job? The sky is the limit, if money was not an obstacle, what would you be doing?

The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation” – Buddha


Make sure you are honest with yourself. There are no wrong answers, do not worry about how financially viable it is or how you have a family or how old you are. Just write it out. After writing down all the answers, you will start seeing a trend. Something that stands out the most. This will more than likely be the one that scares you the most as well. The one you hold closest to your heart so you feel slightly vulnerable showing others.

To be honest, some things are not going to happen. If you are 54 years old and want to become an NBA star, I’m afraid mate, you are out of luck, but that’s not to say you can’t get involved. If basketball was your one and only love and you are in your mid 50’s, there are more than enough chances to follow that passion without directly playing. You could strive to become an assistant coach of your beloved team. You could become an organizer for your team or the physiotherapist or water boy for god sake. If you are legitimately excited by it, you wouldn’t mind. You would be part of something special to you and you would be more than likely, happy. If not,

choose something else. As I said, we can have and often do have, multiple passions that light a fire in us so chase another one.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Have a bulletproof mindset and you can do anything.

I, too, often wondered what my reason for being was. I did some soul searching because I felt I had no purpose. I was a little confused. So what happened to me? Things changed for me when I stumbled across a question put to me by a man named Alan Watts, which said, “If money was no object, what would you do?” This had a profound impact on me. It resonated with me for the days that followed. I said to myself, surely it’s not that simple. How can I just decide to do what I love without repercussions? So here what I did.

I made a list of what I truly loved. What made me happy to be alive and what I could do forever without getting bored? Here’s my list

  1. I love to travel
  2. I love meeting new people
  3. I love gymnastics and martial arts
  4. I love animals
  5. I am super interest in natural health and biohacking
  6. Love spending time with my girlfriend

These were my interests at that time but you will find as you venture out from the comfortable, you start to explore and begin experiencing things so foreign and amazing, you become obsessed with new things. For me, I found a new passion for fire spinning and fire poi as I traveled the world. Before, I was never even slightly interested. We evolve, we adapt and we change.

So I asked myself how can I include my passions in my daily life. How can I do this and make it work? I would surely need money for most of these things. How could I do it?

The research began. I read up different ways to make money online which would enable myself and Alana, my girlfriend, the freedom to travel full time. Obviously, at that time, I didn’t head off right away. That would be foolish and unrealistic, but I tell you it wasn’t long before we did. We decided to save money for three months before setting sail with a one-way ticket. As we dug around the web, we found a website called Workaway which enables hosts to link up with travelers for a cultural exchange.


This was an amazing find for us as it enabled us to prolong our goal to stay on the road, as hosts often provide food and accommodation in exchange for help with their establishment. With this, we saved money and got to experience and meet some of the most amazing people. Alana and I are both animal crazy and often found ourselves feeding stray dogs along our travels. So when we came across a Workaway asking for volunteers to help in a dog rescue in Mexico, we jumped on the opportunity.

These are really good ways to meet new people, engross yourself in the local culture, all the while, helping animals. This lifestyle could only last as long as our last dollar so we had to start making some

money. So what did we do? I started, like many others, a travel blog helping and connecting backpackers together in Australia. I felt passionate about this so it was simple to execute. This helped but was not enough. I found myself for years beforehand, really into natural health and how we could better ourselves as people, how to improve physical health, mental health and how to succeed.

This is when I decided to create this blog. I always loved the subject and feel with life, your very existence should in part, at least help others or benefit humanity as a whole. I felt this was my start. Everyone owns a body and pilots an incredible mind so why not help people realize and execute their full potential. Even if I didn’t make a penny, I was still doing what I genuinely loved so I could not lose. People think traveling is super expensive and a luxury only some can enjoy, but with the right insight, it can be ridiculously cheap. Often so cheap, it would surprise you. By combining my passions of animals, travel, martial arts and natural health, I am now living a life that I enjoy all f these things and I am truly happy with.

What interests me may be your worst nightmare, I only share my story so you can get an understanding that when these techniques are implemented, your dream can become a reality. Do not worry about money or how your passion can make you rich. Money is sought after because we believe it can bring us happiness and to a certain degree it can. Money, by itself, is worthless. Happiness is not a by-product of money. Follow your passion, enjoy the process and I guarantee you, money will eventually follow and if it does not, what the hell, at least you are doing something that makes you happy. There’s no losing. What I am trying to stress is, you can’t succeed in business if you are not in business, the same way you can’t be happy if you are not doing what you truly love. Do what excites you and if you can’t at this very moment, make steps each and every day to move closer to that reality. Please don’t settle for a mediocre life, why should you? We live in an age where anything is possible. The information is there, so use it.

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