Heavy Metals Detox

What is Heavy Metal Poisoning?

Heavy metal poisoning is becoming an increasingly common implication among humans. It is a toxic accumulation of heavy metals in the soft tissues of the body. The effects can be severe and if not treated could lead to serious health problems.  We are not only subjected unhealthy exposure to Mercury, Lead, albumin, and arsenic contamination in the body have been jeopardizing the health of the masses too.

Where is it coming from?

To be honest, we are attacked from every angle you

could imagine. We ingest mercury through most fish as well as mercury amalgam fillings in our mouth. We can inhale in when in an industrial area and well as on many old building sites as a lot of old paints are lead based. Mercury is present in vaccines, medicines and improperly coated food containers.
Remember not all metals are bad, in fact, we need many of them for a healthy balance. Metals like Copper, zinc and magnesium are needed in small amounts to help keep us moving efficiently.

Where is the heavy metal accumulating?

The poisonous metal, predominantly mercury resides in the soft tissue of the body. It is common for it to be in the blood stream but only not as concentrated as the tissues. Our bodies are able to detoxify itself but not at the uncontrollable rate it enters the body.

heavy metal detox

Why do we need to do a heavy metal detox?

There are at leas 23 heavy metals in our environments that can cause acute levels of toxicity when we are exposed to them. Our bodies are able to detoxify themselves, but not at the uncontrollable rates they can enter the body. Long term exposure to these heavy metals can lead to physical and neurological deficits so it is important we rid our bodies of these. By doing a heavy metal detox, we can help our bodies to get rid of these toxins and ensure we remain as healthy as possible.



The greatest threat is the fact that many people experience diseases, conditions, and symptoms that are a direct correlation with heavy metal poisoning but are misdiagnosed or blamed on some other contributing factor. It effects up all, some worse than others.

Some of the conditions heavy metal poisoning can cause are:


  • Arsenic:

    Diabetes, hyperkeratosis, cancer of the lungs, bladder, and skin

  • Lead:

    Encephalopathy, anemia, abdominal pain, nephropathy, foot drop and wrist drop

  • Mercury:

    Nausea, metallic taste, gingivostomatitis, tremor, neurasthenia, nephrotic, hypersensitivity

What to use for a natural heavy metal detox?

There are many things you can do in order to naturally detox your body from heavy metals. Try to avoid certain foods such as shellfish, alcohol and non-organic foods. Increase your consumption of foods that will help you detox such as cilantro, garlic and onions, flax seed and any foods rich in Vitamin C. It is also important that you drink plenty of water.

There are also some supplements you can take that will increase your chances of a successful detox:

  • Chlorella is great as both a chelator and a mobilizer. It moves heavy metals out of the body, including the heavy metals from deeper stores, allowing an easier removal.
  • Add extra Vitamin C into your day. It will help remove free radicals while you detox. Take at least 3000mg per day while you are detoxing
  • Take probiotics daily. While you are detoxing, it is important your digestive system has enough probiotics to help the detox along and boost your immunity.
  • Spirulina will help to draw heavy metals from your central nervous system, brain and live. Take two teaspoons daily in a glass of water
  • Cilantro is amazing for drawing out heavy metals. Add some into your daily salad or blend it up into a smoothie

These are just some of the things you can do to naturally rid your body of heavy metals. Take a look at the video below which further explains everything you need to know regarding this subject. It is a really fascinating scientific approach by Mark Hyman MD with his first-hand experience and provides a brilliant heavy metal detox.

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