Liver Detox

Why do we need to do a Liver Detox?

Detoxing the liver is very important for good health. Funnily enough, the liver is the body’s own detoxifying mechanism. It is the bodies filtration system filtering out the toxins and absorbing the mineral and nutrients efficiently then converting into energy. Like any filtration station, it is vital to clean out any blocked filters, our liver is no different. It, too, values a good clean out in the form of a detox. The liver has many important functions so keeping it healthy is very important. The liver regulates glycogen, the primary energy source as well as filters blood and balances hormone production.

Over time and with our modern day lifestyles our poor liver take a hammering. It has to break down everything we indulge in. Whether its fatty processed food or toxic alcohol, the liver feels the pain.

What to Expect When the Liver is Toxic

It is important to understand there is a strong connection between your liver and gall bladder. They work together to break down and digest fats and other nutrients your body needs. When toxins build up in the liver it becomes overwhelmed. This can lead to an overactive gall bladder as the liver begins to secrete toxic bile into your digestive system. This, in turn, can create “leaky gut.” When the liver secretes toxic bile it means that your body cannot function the way it is supposed to. Over time and without treatment, gallstones can grow and possibly be unable to pass through. This can cause a gallstone attack. If anyone ever experiences this, they will understand that is isn’t a pleasant ordeal. Also, we get blockages and the inability for optimal circulation. The toxins that should be eliminated through bowel movements are prohibited, meaning the toxins are then absorbed into the blood stream.

The liver is the second largest organ and the need for a healthy liver is second to none. If the liver is unable to perform optimally you could expect to experience issues with regulating blood clotting as well as efficiently breaking down or neutralizing harmful substances. When these functions are not carried out, inflammation arises giving way to an extensive list of issues which can and will, if left untreated, progress to more serious conditions. Some of these, but not limited to, are:

  • Cirrhosis
  • Liver Cancer
  • Jaundice
  • Gallstones
  • Cronic liver disease
  • Fatty liver
  • Primary Biliary cholangitis
Liver Detox

These are the more serious cases but make no mistake can creep up with little warnings. If you participate in an unhealthy lifestyle and have given little or no time for the well-being of your liver and body as a whole maybe a detox is vital for you.

How Can I Tell If I Have A Toxic Liver?

The human body is a phenomenal piece of equipment with nothing else on this planet even coming close to it. It is self-regulation and will give signs if something is up. The key is to read these signs before it too late or ideally prevent these sign from arising in the first place. Here are lists of symptoms one be encounter if the liver is over intoxicated:

  • Pain over the liver
  • Uncomfortable eating fatty foods
  • Acne
  • Bloating
  • Dark spots on the skin
  • Yellow of the skin (Jaundice)

How to do a Liver Detox


There are several things you can change in your daily life to detox your liver. It is important that we look after our livers well as it’s role in the body is so important. So what are some easy adjustments you can make to detox the liver?


  • Limit, or even better, STOP the booze! Your liver does not like alcohol! Alcohol is a toxin and by putting it into our bodies we cause our liver to work overtime in order to purify our blood again. While it is doing this it will cause you to feel sluggish, sleepiness and can cause weight gain. Do yourself a favor and avoid alcohol at all costs!


  • Drink plenty of Water! Try to drink water from a natural spring or at least not chlorinated water. Add a squeeze of lemon and help your liver even more. This will increase the amount of Vitamin C you are getting and help to alkalize your body. By drinking plenty of water you are effectively helping your liver stay clean!


  • Make sure the fats your eating are “healthy fats.” Your liver is responsible for breaking down the fats you ingest so make sure you are consuming ones that are good for your body and easy for your liver to breakdown. Increase the healthy fats from avocados and walnuts and try to avoid the “bad fats” such as animal fats.


  • Make sure you eat the right foods. It is so important to make sure you are fueling your body with the right foods. There are some foods in particular that can help you detox the liver. Try to increase your intake of Phytonutrient-rich plants such as kale, broccoli and radishes. Add extra onion and garlic to your diet. Add turmeric into your salad dressings or meals. Drink Milk Thistle tea at least twice a day or take a supplement.
Liver Detox

Liver Detox Supplements

Take a liver detox supplement. Sometimes it is easier to take a supplement over a period of time to make sure you get all you need for a proper cleanse. It needs to be done while making the healthy lifestyle changes also or else it will just be a waste of both time and money

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