Natural Bunion Cure 

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a prominent deformity usually affecting the big toe but can occur also on the outside of the small toe. It occurs in the joint of the largest toe resulting in an out of aligned toe. The big toe tends to deviate towards the other toe causing a hump or bulge on the outside joint of the big toe. The medical term for this is Hallux Abducto Valgus deformity and it is a progressive condition, only increasing in severity over time. The lump can, over time, be hardened with calluses.

What causes bunions?

Bunions are hereditary, usually passed down from parents. It is known that we acquire our mothers’ footprints, quite literally. Like many physical characteristics, we inherit from our parents, the feet are no different. This, by far, is the leading factor in bunion formation. Women are more likely to suffer from bunions as opposed to men. Ill fitted footwear can be another contributing factor for bunion growth. In may not directly cause the bunions but it most certainly aids in their development. So be mindful when you painfully squeeze into those high heels! People who have been known to experience conditions such arthritis can become more susceptible to forming a bunion than someone who isn’t having these issues.

Do bunions hurt?

It depends on each individual case whether or not the bunion is painful. With time and the constant pressure, it can cause the person severe to moderate pain. People with less flexible joints claim the pain can become incredible and at times, unbearable to walk. Certain footwear can trigger immense pain when worn. It helps to establish a good foot to footwear relationship to minimize pain.

Other people will have no pain or minimal pain but the aesthetic is what bothers them. People can feel embarrassed, especially when it comes to sandel season, to showcase their feet with this foot irregularity. Having a bunion can be a nuisance when purchasing footwear. It prohibits you having a wide selecting to choose from, meaning comfort and looks are often sacrifices because of it.

Natural Bunion Cure

What can I do to prevent bunions?

As mentioned above, bunions are predominantly inherited. This does not mean your fate is sealed though. There are some effective precautions to follow that minimize the appearance of bunions. Ensure roomy footwear and socks. Try to minimize the amount of time your foot is confined in tight areas. Try to wear slippers or crocs around the house. Other suggestions worth mentioning are to be aware of the dynamics of your foot while walking or jogging. Try to reduce or minimize the extent in which your foot rolls inward. It is a good idea to get your running shoes properly fitted by a specialist to ensure your foot has the best support possible. Try to reduce foot pronation (feet rolling inwards when standing) as much as possible. This will dramatically reduce the severity of your bunions.

Way to reduce pain from bunions?

We tend to walk a lot being humans. This can cause pain for some as we are constantly putting pressure on the bunions with our weight and pressure. This can be hard and constant for some. Here are some ways to alleviate the pain and pressure:

  • Only wear correctly fitted footwear

  • Take anti-inflammatory if very painful

  • Use specialized shoe inserts

  • Wear mole skin or gel pads for comfort

  • Do a foot soak (Epsom salt, essential oils)

  • Foot massage

  • Toe stretches

  • Wear Toe Splints

How to get rid of bunions?

There are a couple of ways people treat bunions. The most popular and most effective way is surgery. People have seen the complete removal of the visual hump with surgery. Surgery is a big ordeal requiring anesthetic and a couple of days in the hospital. You will also be off your foot or feet anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months before it is fully healed. 

Is there a Natural Cure for Bunions?

There are several things you can do yourself to help soothe and reduce the severity of your bunion(s). Take a look at our suggestions below:

Warm massage

Warm some oil in the microwave and massage the affected area, especially after significant time spent walking on your feet. Massaging soothes and increases the blood flow to the area which helps to reduce inflammation, giving relief to the area. Adding cayenne pepper to petroleum jelly while doing deep friction massage is especially good so bunion relief.

Cold Compression

After spending a lot of time on your feet, bunions can become inflamed as well as irritated. A brilliant treatment for pain relief is cold compression. By applying an ice pack directly onto the affected area, it reduces pain by numbing the nerve ending of the bunions. Apply the ice pack to the area for 10 minutes then taking off for 5 minutes. Repeat this three times for maximum relief. By reducing the severity and frequencies of this inflammation occurrence, you will be preventing further progression and worsening of the bunions.

Natural Bunion Cure

Toe Spacer

Toe spacers or spreaders are worn during the day or at night while we sleep. They separate the toes, relieving pressures on the tendons and re-align the toe. They can give relief very quickly and are very helpful to have around the house.

Toe Splints

Toe splints are the most effective natural way to treat toe deformities or bunions. They treat the underlying reason why bunions develop. The splints, if designed properly, loop around the big toe and with pressure from an elastic, applies pressure in the opposite direction of the deviating toe. This corrects the alignment of the toe. Many of the toe splints can be worn inside your shoes as well as at night. Be aware of any misleading or ineffective splints. Here are three that are reputable and have received great testimonies from happy customers.

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