What is reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese method of massage that reduces stress, increases relaxation and also promotes healing. It is often described as palm healing or body healing. It is different than any other ordinary massage. Ordinary massages usually loosen your muscles, increase oxygen and blood flow to your body, and at the same time make you relax. On the other hand, reiki has similar purposes, to work on the unequal energy flow within the body. Ordinary massage works on the muscles, while during reiki, the therapist only puts their hands over a specific body part and transfers the reiki energy from the therapist to the patients.



Reiki massage

With Reiki massage/therapy, you can replace bad energy like anger, frustration etc with good energy like calm and happiness. Therefore Reiki is not only to heal disease, but also to develop a positive mind and healthy body in order to create happiness in people’s life. However, keep it in mind that Reiki does not promise a miraculous cure from disease. Disease or conditions that are already in your body for many years cannot be cured within a few sessions of Reiki. The person also needs to make changes in their lifestyle so that the negative emotions do not reappear.

When people do Reiki therapy/massage, some of them will feel that reiki brings them closer to God. They will feel that reiki is a form of religious experience or even religion. However, it is important to know that reiki is not a religion at all, even though reiki is spiritual in nature.


Where does Reiki come from?


Reiki was re-discovered by a Japanese Buddhist monk called Dr. Mikao Usui around the late 19th century. The word Reiki combines two Japanese words, Rei that means “spiritual”, or “higher power” and Ki means “life force/energy”. So, Reiki means a “spirit guided life force of energy”. Dr. Mikao Usui gave treatments and then passed his training to the 14 Reiki Masters, who still continued to practice and teach it to others as Usui Reiki. Around 1939, Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American brought reiki practice to the western world when she went back to Hawaii after a period of reiki training in Japan.

Who practices Reiki?

People who can practice Reiki are the people who have already qualified to do Reiki treatments. They usually have passed Reiki attunement. Reiki attunement is a process of a person gaining the ability to practice Reiki treatments. It is conducted by a Reiki Master during the Reiki class. During the class, the master will touch the student’s head, shoulders and hands, and also use special breathing techniques. When the Reiki Master touches the student’s, the energies from the Master will flow into the student.

There are many online gurus claiming their courses provide Reiki attunement within a couple of days. Many of these are more than likely a scam. If you are interested, I would recommend Pure Reiki Master course. It is by far the best online course out there. 



Where does Reiki energy come from?

The term Reiki translates into guided life force/energy. This energy resides all around us as well as inside of us. To gain the connection with this energy, the person mindfully focuses on connecting with the Reiki energy and aims to direct it towards the balancing of energy that already resides within the person. So, the true source of Reiki energy is always within us. The energy gives us life. It is the energy that we can feel and is experienced by ourselves and also the recipients.

What benefits come from Reiki?

Reiki treatment is used to balance our body and mind. Some believe that Reiki can improve our life, such as by stress reduction, mental clarity, and any other negative emotions. Reiki replaces those negative emotions with positive emotions so that the patients can feel more peaceful and relaxed. Some benefits from Reiki are:

  • Removes negative emotions such as stress, anger, anxiety, etc.
  • Relaxes and balances our body and mind
  • Improves the health
  • Improves our focus
  • Better sleep
  • Helps remove pain
  • Builds up our spiritual growth and emotional well-being
  • Increases energy levels

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?

Most people usually feel that they fall into a deep relaxing state and even fall asleep. Each person will have a different experience. The therapist will place his/her hands on top of your specific body area. As the therapist uses the hand positions, patients may feel sensations like cold, heat, shivers, itchy all over the body. However, you may also feel nothing and it is absolutely normal. As the sensations flow through the body, patients can feel the negative emotions start to leave their body. After the treatment, the patients may feel refreshed with a positive and peaceful mind or the patients may feel energized. As the patients notice the difference after the first Reiki treatment, their benefits will grow with more Reiki sessions.

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