What is a Detox?

The word detox is an abbreviation of detoxification which is the removal process of any toxic substances that reside within the body. Many people falsely believe that a detox involves adding particular foods or supplements. This is not what a detox is, although, it may help. The addition of green juices or herbal teas will definitely help, If one can substitute soda for wheat grass, then they are moving in the right direction. The main objective is to remove the build up of toxins whether they are present due to consumption of cigarettes or from a heavy metal build up.

A successful detox occurs with the elimination of these toxins from the body. The main thing to remember is subtracting is always better than addition when it comes to a detox. There is no point in completing a detox if you are still consuming deep fat fried foods. To detox successfully, it is necessary to make some temporary and permanent lifestyle changes.

What is a detox

Difference Between a Detox and Cleanse

Although cleanses and detoxes are thrown around in the same sentence and often assumed as the same process, they are fundamentally different. A detox consists of the elimination of harmful toxins from the liver and body. These can come from smoke residue, heavy metals, and environmental pollution related toxins. A detox effectively helps turn these toxins into waste before eliminating them through bowel movements.

A cleanse on the other hand concentrates on the elimination of waste, parasites, and fungi that has built up in the digestive system. To undergo an efficient cleanse, the person should eliminate soy, gluten, refined sugar and dairy entirely from their diet. The mission is to allow the digestive system time to reboot and get back to optimal health in the absence of these harmful foods.


Does our Body Detoxify Itself?

It is true the body detoxifies on its own accord will rid the body of harmful toxins. After all, it is its job to keep you alive. If toxins were left unchecked, it would lead to chronic toxicity and subsequently lead to death. The body detoxes itself with the use of the liver, the kidneys, the cardiovascular system and also through the skin. Although the body is a fine piece of bio-machinery, it is ill-equipped to clear out at the rate these poisons and toxins enter the body. Often, the effects of these toxic build-ups are not visible for years and only surface when the conditions become chronic. Just because you eat well and do not notice any indication of present toxins does not mean they are not there. Believe me, they are there.

Who Benefits From a Detox?

A cleanse or detox is beneficial for anyone willing to participate. We live in a world where we are constantly exposed to harmful elements in our environments. It seems we are under attack from every direction. The water we drink at times contains fluoride and chlorine. Our foods are packed with so many antibiotics and growth hormones that we should be surprised they still resemble actual food. Our air is polluted, our homes full of chemicals and to top it off, we indulge in unhealthy eating and drinking habits. With this in mind, it is essential that we implement some form of detox into our life for a healthy body and mind. This could be weekly, monthly or annually. You decide.



Effective Ways to Detox

One of the most significant ways to detox the body at the same time improving mental focus and clarity is by fasting. Fasting is often associated with spiritual practices, however, all of the major religions undergo fasting as part of their practice. Muslims abstain from food and water from dawn to dusk for an entire month, of Ramadan. Christians fast for 40 days, during Lent. Fasting has its place within all religious orders. They understand the benefit of it. It is a time of recovery, repair, and rejuvenation for the mind and body.

It is important to fast correctly as it may be anti-productive if done wrong. Done right, the improvements will be visible within the first couple of days. When the body fasts, the blood is not needed in the digestive system and therefore can concentrate on different areas of the body. It allows the blood to target and eliminate cholesterol that lines the blood vessels in the tissue. As the last stores of glucose are used up, usually after a 9 hour period, the body will


begin to break down fat and convert it into energy. The body is also given the time to fully eradicate fecal build up and waste matter that forms and lodges in the colon.

There are no shortage of detoxes and cleanses out there. It has been trending online for some time and the term has become a buzzword at this stage. The effects and benefits are real and the proof is in the pudding, but be mindful which detox you do and who is claiming it miraculous effects. There seems to be a detox for every part of your body. I have researched the different detoxes and checked reviews on each and everyone. Here are the best ones we have found:

  • BaeTea 14 day Detox has amazing reviews from customers. A huge bonus is that it tastes delicious! You will feel lighter and more energized after you complete the detox
  •  Psyllium husk and bentonite clay detox is an amazing detox for your colon. Due to our diets today we often have sluggish, under-active colons. This detox will help to ensure everything is working properly and will clean out your colon.
  • Dr. Tobias Liver Support – 21 Day Cleanse & Detox Supplement is another amazing detox we found. Find yourself getting rid of bloating and feeling fresher in under 2 weeks

What Happens when you Detox?

Doing a detox will improve all aspects of your body. You will definitely notice major differences in your skin, liver and brain

The Liver

The liver’s primary function is to detoxify. When you undergo a detox, the liver does not need to work in overdrive, thus allowing it to function at full capacity. With this, the built up toxins which cause inflammation, the leading cause of many diseases, are flushed out from the liver. This will help reduce fatigue, muscle aches and imbalanced hormone levels. This, in turn, gives birth to a refreshed more energized overall feel.

The Skin

The skin also plays a big part in flushing unwanted toxins out of the body. When we sweat, we excrete toxins through our pores. This is another reason exercise is so vital for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. When you begin a detox, the skin may appear worse before it eventually gets betters. If this is the case, it is an indicator that the detox is working as the toxins will gradually ooze from your pores. With time, usually around the two-week mark, you will notice your face begin to clear, giving way to a new radiant glow. A visual improvement in the face is the most commonly noticed area.

The Brain

During the first two days of the detox, you may experience headaches or a pressure build up behind the eyes. This will not be severe so don’t worry. It is a direct symptom of withdrawal from processed foods. When these days come to pass, you can expect a difference in mental focus, clarity and memory improvements. Your mood will change for the better as the gut will be optimally balanced causing a direct change in the brain.

I feel we are in an enlightened age. We have access to all this incredible information stored in this ‘online brain.’ We have the ability to change, improve or begin anything we really want to. If you are reading this, there are reasons to presume self-improvement is part of your overall agenda. If this is the case, do yourself a favor and try a detox. It’s paramount we look after our bodies to the best of our abilities! Look after yourself for yourself and everyone else who cares for you.


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